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SABIN QUESTIONS     26.03.2015

1. What did Mike Sabin do?

The official line is that they are "personal issues".   But, clearly criminal actions are involved here, and serious ones at that.

2. When did John Key and the National party know?

Did they know before the last election? And if so, why was Sabin allowed to stand?

Did John Key know when he appointed Sabin chair of the law and order select committee on 22 October 2014?

3. Why did John Key minimise Sabin's offences after he resigned?

He called them:

personal and family reasons

personal family matters,

personal issues

Can serious criminal offences against third parties be classified as personal family issues?

4. Why did John Key give Sabin a glowing reference?

"And up until his resignation on Friday, I had enormous confidence [in him] as an MP," Key said.

"I think he has performed very strongly, he's got a great grasp of some of the policy area.

"I actually saw him as someone that would be potentially a future Cabinet minister if we were back in Government."

Why give such a positive reference for someone facing serious criminal charges?

5. Why are John Key and the National party covering up?



This timeline is based on reports available on the internet.

Sources have been identified

General election: 20 September 2014


National Party officials were aware before September's general election that Sabin was possibly being investigated by police.

The National Business Review has been asking questions about assault allegations since before the election. Other media, including Radio Live and One News, have also been inquiring into the assault allegations.

Willow-Jean Prime:

Well I actually heard rumours of it during the general election last year through the Northern grapevine so I am very interested in who knew what when.

I think that Northlanders deserved to know at the time whether there were issues going on. They should have had the information before they had the vote last year

Mark Osborne side-steps the issues and states.

When I found out or heard the rumours it was the end of December.

Willow-Jean Prime:

It is an honesty issue

I find it hard to believe that they didn't know at the time.

Cameron Slater: Pressure mounting on Sabin

National Party officials were aware before September’s general election that Sabin was possibly being investigated by police.

Key’s office was also, pre-election, informed of media inquiries about Sabin.

Early August 2014

Police started looking into allegations.

22 October 2014

Sabin appointed to chair of the law and order select committee

25 November 2014

One News starts making inquiries.

Late November 2014

John Key's chief of staff advised.

1 December 2014

The date John Key PM states, after some initial confusion, that he heard for the first time that Sabin was dealing with a family matter.

21 December 2014

Cameron Slater blog The coming by-election in Northland

The story itself, which National have sat on for weeks, is almost too horrible for words, and there is little doubt that there will be a by-election in Northland.

The potential by-election in Northland is going to cause National all sorts of problems. National’s ethically challenged party hierarchy have not been on the ball so have not dealt with this issue swiftly.

Word from Fraser House is that senior whip and pink cocktail drinker Chris Hipkins is sitting on another ethics story where a senior National Party figure has been nailed for wife beating, and doing a whole lot of things that are not OK. Combine that with the Sabin story and it really looks like John Key doesn’t care about ethics.

Ethics in politics matter.

Often the left get ethics wrong when they claim National are unethical essentially crying wolf.

The public expect politics to be dirty, and accept that it is, but they don’t accept wife beating, sex offending, assaults or other major ethical lapses.

John Key won’t find the radio interviews and tv appearances quite so easy if he is having to defend wife beaters or people under investigation for serious offences.

He should remove this problem by quietly cutting the throats of the wrong doers

28 December 2014

Cameron Slater blog Pressure Mounting on Sabin

You have to start wondering what sort of deal Sabin and the PM have for him to still be sitting in the Northland sun thinking nothing will come of this.

The only way out is for Key to throw him under the bus by saying Sabin lied to him – and it is his habit to take an MPs word until proven otherwise. Now that it is proven to be a lie, he should have no hesitation at all.

21 January 2015

Cameron Slater blog National will have to lance the Sabin boil eventually, might as well be now

Key has accepted assurances that it will all be handled quietly. But I’m not sure if that’s OK.

At some point this is going to get into the public, and Key will be standing there with a severe amount of backsplash over him for trying to keep everything quiet.

To prevent any damage to the National Party and Key personally, Sabin should stand down for ‘personal reasons’, and a by-election should be called for a new MP for Northland.

Let’s get this over with now on our own terms before it gets forced on the National Party at a time that’s convenient to Labour and/or the Media to throw the spanner in.

28 January 2015

Mr Key said he was comfortable with Mr Sabin holding the role of chairman of the law and order select committee.

"I'm very happy for him to continue in the position he does," he told Radio New Zealand, adding that Mr Sabin was a "fully functioning member of the caucus".

30 January 2015

Mr Sabin resigned as an MP and chairman of the law and order select committee on Friday "due to personal issues that were best dealt with outside Parliament".

Cameron Slater blog

I have been signalling this event since before Christmas…and already this week had produced three posts saying the position was untenable and not survivable politically.

What astonishes me is that National did almost nothing about this issue for months…despite knowing about it, all the way to the top.

They just let Mike Sabin blow smoke up their arses despite plenty of concern outside of the party.

When full details of what has transpired are revealed then there are going to be some serious questions asked of the leadership.

Cameron Slater blog: Good riddance to bad rubbish, Sabin resigns

Mike Sabin has resigned before Prime Minister John Key was going to have to do the inevitable.

His position was untenable and if the likely charges are what I expect them to be it was never a survivable situation.

John Key's spin on Sabin's offences

I was aware that he was leaving for personal and family reasons and making his resignation late last week, a couple of days before it happened," he said.

Prime Minister John Key has said he only became aware in December of the personal reasons behind Mike Sabin's sudden resignation as Northland MP.

He knew about Mr Sabin's personal issues in the last week of the Parliamentary term last year, he told Radio New Zealand.

"I didn’t have any great information about those personal and family matters prior to that and even when I was aware of those, I'm often aware of people having personal family matters," he said.

John Key's glowing reference for Sabin

"And up until his resignation on Friday, I had enormous confidence [in him] as an MP," Key said.

"I think he has performed very strongly, he's got a great grasp of some of the policy area.

"I actually saw him as someone that would be potentially a future Cabinet minister if we were back in Government."

He said Mr Sabin had been a good local MP and cited his anti-drug work as valuable for National.

"He made a very significant contribution to our caucus. He's a loss in terms of the contribution I've seen him make as a politician."

3 February 2015

Cameron Slater Blog What on earth is going on in John Key’s mind?

He examines the Prime Minister's response to Sabin's resignation and accuses John Key of having "a brain fart" and says that some of his comments about Sabin's cabinet potential are "unadulterated bullshit".



Voters in Northland are miffed that they were not told about the police investigations into Mike Sabin until after the general election last September.

The TV3 Poll which came out earlier this month showed that 71% of those polled considered that they should have been told of Sabin's offences.

Clearly very few voters believe the protestations of John Key and the National Party that they themselves did not know until December last year.

If John Key manages to kep his big secret under wraps until after the election then there is little doubt that the electors of Northland will feel thoroughly cheated by the Prime Minister and the National Party for, yet again, pulling the wool over the eyes of the electors in Northland.


"Is the by-election over yet?"